All Certifications Are Not Created Equal: Ask For A GIA Diamond Report

Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at 9:41 am by Shannon

You wouldn’t purchase a home without having an inspection done first or a used car without seeing a vehicle appraisal – so why would you purchase a diamond without GIA Diamond Report?

What Is A Diamond Report?

Before being sold to consumers most diamonds (and all diamonds at The Ring) are sent to a third party to be evaluated, or graded based on certain characteristics. This process is known as diamond certification.

This certification is important because it gives consumers an added layer of confidence that the diamond they are buying is as described by the seller. In addition to grading the diamond’s cut and carat weight, the diamond certification will also include grades on the clarity, color and symmetry. The diamond certificate is also valuable for insurance purposes because it provides a professional, independent evaluation of the diamond.

At The Ring Austin our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA. The GIA is the world's oldest, largest, and one of the most respected independent laboratories. Unlike some other labs, GIA is not owned or partially owned by diamond wholesalers or retailers, and is a non-profit organization. GIA actually developed the "4 C's" diamond grading system (used almost universally today) to provide truly objective standards in the evaluation of a diamond.

Every diamond on our diamond wall is accompanied by its GIA Grading Report or Dossier. These diamond grading certificates can be viewed prior to purchase and we encourage you to ask to see them for every diamond you purchase, even if it’s not from The Ring Austin.


Why Is Independent Diamond Grading Important?

The price of a diamond is based on its characteristics. Without extensive knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading how can you be sure you are getting a fair price for the diamond you are purchasing? With an independently certified report on the diamond itself, like the GIA Grading Report or Dossier included with every diamond purchase at The Ring Austin, you can be sure that a diamond’s cut, color clarity and more are as described and therefore determine the fair market value.

Without an independent lab report, comparing diamonds from several different retailers or jewelers would be like comparing apples to oranges. Furthermore, if you shop at a jewelry store that does not have or provide GIA certified Diamond Reports you could be paying more for an inferior diamond.

FTC guidelines for jewelry retailers state that any seller-stated color or clarity grade must be within 1 grade of what it is appraised at. This means that if you purchase a diamond that the seller represents as G / VS2, and it later appraises as H / SI1, you have no legal recourse with the jeweler. Unfortunately, this leeway encourages jewelers to inflate their grades; a jeweler who is confident he has a G color diamond is free to represent it as an F. This grade inflation means you could be paying more for a diamond of lesser quality.

An independent lab report not only ensures you are getting what you pay for, but can provide an added layer of confidence when shopping for a diamond, engagement ring or wedding band. No matter what jeweler or retailer you shop at, ALWAYS ask to see the GIA Diamond Report before you buy!