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John Allen

November 27, 2018

This Place is amazing! Definitely got my moneys worth at this place! I promise you won't regret coming here! Great customer service! And they will work with you! I can guarantee your not walking out without a good deal!!

Jessica Sasse

November 8, 2018

Truthfully, I was really excited.. now, not so much. Fun, beautiful and knowledgeable shop. But, what should have been a very easy customized sale couldn’t happen because we were forgotten for follow up after leaving.. I appreciate the owner trying to fix this, so Im raising my review for that reason.

Cindy Rodriguez

November 15, 2018

Tonight was my first time at The Ring and it was awesome. They were hosting a party with some great prizes. All of the employees were absolutely wonderful. They were super friendly & helpful. Not to mention the place is truly gorgeous. Please come check them out if you are in the area!

Stephen Castillo

November 21, 2018

Stephanie, Shannon, and Lisa all offer customer service beyond compare. They always have a great selection of diamonds for all budgets, and are the only dependable source for in-stock super ideal diamonds I’ve found. Do yourself a favor you’ll wear on your finger forever, forget the chain stores and stop here instead. A++++

Lauren Barrios

October 8, 2018

I came to this jewelry store a few months back "just to see" what they had. Right away a store associate Mike made me feel welcomed and helped me to find the perfect ring for my fiance. Not only did Mike keep me up to date on the status of my ring, find me the perfect diamond, and patiently show me ring after ring.... but each time I went in to look it felt like I was meeting up with a close friend to talk about the most important purchase of my life. I felt so at home there! Not once did I feel pressured to buy anything or conform any of my ideas. Thank you so much for making this a truly exciting experience!